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Terraria - Spider Set with Armor and Weapons... and Spider-Steve

https://twitter.com/yrimir Since the summoner playthrough won the vote with 48% (!) I really had to make this video so that I could learn how the Spider Set works.

Cross Fit by Jesus (CrossFit parody) {The Kloons}

Exercise with a Holy Cross strapped to your back: The NEW Cross Fit WOD. With our patented 100% mahogany Holy Cross, all you have to do is strap it to your ...

[TUTO] Comment créer une chaîne YouTube !

Tuto pour vous montrez comment créer une chaîne YouTube ne riez pas :) ce n'est pas si facile que l'on pense et certaines personnes n'y arrivent pas (donc ce ...

Peppa Pig and Suzie Sheep Whistle

I didn't create this ,nor do I claim to have made it - of course . Peppa pig tries to whistle ,but she discovers that she can't . She rings Suzie Sheep ,and she asks ...

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